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Part No. Description Illustration
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Original Owners Handbook (engl.)
Li08MGA-49 MGA1500
Li09MGA-49 MGA1600
Li10MGA-49 MGA1600 MK2
Li11MGA-49 MGA Twin-Cam
Li01MGB-50 MGB 1962-65
Li02MGB-50 MGB 1967-76 „Europe“
Li03MGB-50 MGB 1969-72„Europe“
Li04MGB-50 MGB 1969 „Europe“
Li05MGB-50 MGB US 1968-69
Li07MGB-50 MGB US 1972
Li08MGB-50 MGB US 1973
Li09MGB-50 MGB US 1974
Li10MGB-50 MGB US to 1976
Li12MGB-50 MGB US 1978
Li13MGB-50 MGB US 1979
Original Owners Handbook (german.)
Li50MGA MGA 1500/1600/1622
Li54MGB MGB 1968-73 Roadster GHN4-GHN5, GT GHD4-GHN5
Original Parts Book (engl.)
Li01MGA-49 MGA 1500
Li02MGA-49 MGA 1600
Li15MGB-50 MGB up to 1976
Li16MGB-50 MGB from 1976
Original Workshop Manual
Li03MGA-49 MGA 1500/1600 (e)
Li05MGA-49 MGA Twin/Cam (e)
Li06MGA-49 Workshop manual (e) MGA/MGB up to 1968
Li18MGB-50 Shop manual (e) MGB 1977-1978
Li19MGB-50 Shop manual (e) MGB from 1978
Li20MGB-50 Shop manual (e) MGA/MGB up to 1968
Li21MGB-50 Shop manual (e) MGB 1968-81
Original Workshop Manual (german)
Li17MGA MGA (german)
Li17MGB-50 MGB 1963-1974 (german)
Literature MGC
Li10MGC Owners Handbook engl.
Li15MGC Spare part catalogue “Power Units” (Engine, Gearbox)
Li16MGC Spare part catalogue “mechanical” parts (axle, breaks,…)
Li17MGC Spare part catalogue “Body” parts (Panel, Chrome, Electrical)
Li18MGC Workshop manual engl.
Other Literature (english)
Li12MGA-49 Book (e) „MGA special tuning“
Li13MGA-49 SU Carburettors „Haynes” (e)
Li14MGA-49 Weber Carburettors „Haynes” (e)
Li15MGA Weber Carburetor Manuel‘ (Haynes TechBook) english language
Li40MGB-50 Tuning Handbook MGB 1962-1967 red
Li41MGB-50 Tuning Handbook MGB 1968-1980 blue
Li48MGB-50 Workshop manual MGB Haynes
Li49MGB-50 Workshop manual MGA Haynes
Other Literature (german)
Li13D SU CArburettors practcal guide, german
Li14D Weber & Dellorto Carburettors, german
Li81MGA Original MGA by Clausager, Heel
Li81MGB Original MGB, MGC, V8 by Clausager, Heel

Literature is not to return or exchanged.