Badges & letters

Part No. Description Illustration
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Badges / Letters
EM1AH front badge
Type: BN1-BN2-3000 MK1
EM2AH front badge
Type: AH3000 MK2
EM3AH front badge
Type: AH3000 MK3
EM4AH front flash -“100“- radiator grille
Type: BN1-BN2
EM4aAH use EM4AH/M
Type: BN1,BN2 required quantities: 1
EM5AH front flash -“100/6“- radiator grille
Type: BN1-BN2
EM6AH front flash -“3000“
Type: BN7-BT7-BJ8
EM1aAH adequate mounting clip
EM7AH rear badge „Austin of England“
Type: BN1-BN2
EM8AH rear badge „Austin-Healey“
Type: BN1-BJ8
EM1aTR adequate mounting clip
EM32SPT Union jack enamel badge (5,9 x 3,5 cm)
EM33SPT union Jack self-adhesive (7,5 x 4,5 cm)
required quantities: A/R