!!! Update of the exhaust offer from the Italian company Imasaf !!!

Bolts & nuts

Part No. Description Illustration
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Bolts BSF
S1/4x1/2"BSF Bolt 1/4x1/2“BSF
S1/4x5/8"BSF Bolt 1/4x5/8“BSF
S1/4x3/4"BSF Bolt 1/4x3/4“BSF
S1/4x1"BSF Bolt 1/4x1“BSF
S1/4x11/4"BSF Bolt 1/4x11/4“BSF“
S1/4x11/2"BSF Bolt 1/4x11/2“BSF
S1/4x13/4"BSF Bolt 1/4x13/4“BSF
S1/4x2"BSF Bolt 1/4x2“BSF
S1/4x21/2"BSF Bolt 1/4x21/2“BSF
S1/4x3"BSF Bolt 1/4x3“BSF
S5/16x3/4"BSF Bolt 5/16x3/4“BSF
S5/16x1"BSF Bolt 5/16x1“BSF
S5/16x11/4"BSF Bolt 5/16x11/4“BSF
S5/16x11/2"BSF Bolt 5/16x11/2“BSF
S5/16x13/4"BSF Bolt 5/16x13/4“BSF
S5/16x2"BSF Bolt 5/16x2“BSF
S5/16x21/2"BSF Bolt 5/16x21/2“BSF
S5/16x23/4"BSF Bolt 5/16x23/4“BSF
S5/16x3"BSF Bolt 5/16x3“BSF
S3/8x1"BSF Bolt 3/8x1“BSF
S3/8x11/4"BSF Bolt 3/8x11/4“BSF
S3/8x11/2"BSF Bolt 3/8x11/2“BSF
S3/8x13/4"BSF Bolt 3/8x13/4“BSF
S3/8x2"BSF Bolt 3/8x2“BSF
S3/8x21/2"BSF Bolt 3/8x21/2“BSF
S3/8x23/4"BSF Bolt 3/8x23/4“BSF
S3/8x3"BSF Bolt 3/8x3“BSF
S7/16x1"BSF Bolt 7/16x1“BSF
S7/16x11/4"BSF Bolt 7/16x11/4“BSF
S7/16x11/2"BSF Bolt 7/16x11/2“BSF
S7/16x13/4"BSF Bolt 7/16x13/4“BSF
S7/16x2"BSF Bolt 7/16x2“BSF
S7/16x21/2"BSF Bolt 7/16x21/2“BSF
S1/2x13/4"BSF Bolt 1/2x13/4“BSF
S1/2x2"BSF Bolt 1/2x2“BSF
S1/2x21/4"BSF Bolt 1/2x21/4“BSF
S1/2x21/2"BSF Bolt 1/2x21/2“BSF
nut BSF
M2BA Standard hex nut 2BA
M1/4"BSF Standard hex nut 1/4“BSF
M5/16"BSF Standard hex nut 5/16“BSF
M3/8"BSF Standard hex nut 3/8“BSF
M7/16"BSF Standard hex nut 7/16“BSF
M1/2"BSF Standard hex nut 1/2“BSF
M9/16"BSF Standard hex nut 9/16“BSF
M1/4"BSF-G Slotted nut 1/4“BSF-G
M5/16"BSF-G Slotted nut 5/16“BSF-G
M3/8"BSF-G Slotted nut 3/8“BSF-G
M7/16"BSF-G Slotted nut 7/16“BSF-G
M1/2"BSF-G Slotted nut 1/2“BSF-G
M9/16"BSF-G Slotted nut 9/16“BSF-G
VA41MG/TDR Slotted nut (5/8” BSF RH thread)
VA41MG/TDL Slotted nut (5/8” BSF LH thread)
M3/8"BSF-K Castellated nut 3/8“BSF-K
M7/16"BSF-K Castellated nut 7/16“BSF-K
M1/4"BSF-K Castellated nut 1/4“BSF-K
M1/2"BSF-K Castellated nut 1/2“BSF-K
M5/16"BSFS Self-locking nut (nyloc) 5/16“BSFS
M3/8"BSFS Self-locking nut (nyloc) 3/8“BSFS
M1/2"BSFS Self-locking nut (nyloc) 1/2“BSFS
M9/16"BSFS Self-locking nut (nyloc) 9/16“BSFS
M1/4"BSFS-M Self-locking nut (metal) 1/4“BSFS-M
M5/16"BSFS-M Self-locking nut (metal) 5/16“BSFS-M
M7/16"BSFS-M Self-locking nut (metal) 7/16“BSFS-M
M2BA-H Dome nut 2BA-H
M1/4"BSF-H Dome nut 1/4“BSF-H
M5/16"BSF-H22 Dome nut 5/16“BSF-H22 (22 TPi) *
M5/16"BSF-H26 Dome nut 5/16“BSF-H26 (26 TPi) *
M3/8"BSF-H Dome nut 3/8“BSF-H
M5BA-BR Brass nut 5BA-BR
M2BA-BR Brass nut 2BA-BR
M1/4"BSF-BR Brass nut 1/4“BSF-BR
M5/16"BSF-BR Brass nut 5/16“BSF-BR
M3/8"BSF-BR Brass nut 3/8“BSF-BR
nuts and washers UNF / UNC
M1/2" Nut1/2" UNF
M1/2"S Nut1/2"stop UNF
M1/4" Nut1/4" UNF
M1/4"S Nut1/4"stop UNF
M3/16" Nut 3/16" UNF
M3/16"S Nut 3/16" stop UNF
M3/8" Nut3/8" UNF
M3/8"S Nut 3/8" Stop UNF
M5/16" Nut5/16" UNF
M5/16"S Nut5/16"Stop UNF
M5/8" Nut5/8" UNF
M5/8"S Nut5/8"stop UNF
M7/16" Nut7/16" UNF
M7/16"S Nut 7/16"Stop UNF
M9/16" Nut9/16" UNF
M9/16"S Nut9/16"stop UNF
M1/2"U Nut1/2" UNC
M1/2"SU Nut1/2"stop UNC
M1/4"U Nut1/4" UNC
M1/4"SU Nut1/4"stop UNC
M3/16"U Nut 3/16" UNC
M3/16"SU Nut 3/16" stop UNC
M3/8"U Nut3/8" UNC
M3/8"SU Nut 3/8" Stop UNC
M5/16"U Nut5/16" UNC
M5/16"SU Nut5/16"Stop UNC
M5/8"U Nut5/8" UNC
M5/8"SU Nut5/8"stop UNC
M7/16"U Nut7/16" UNC
M7/16"SU Nut 7/16"Stop UNC
M9/16"U Nut9/16" UNC
M9/16"SU Nut9/16"stop UNC
HM1/4" 1/2 Nut 1/4" UNF
HM5/16" 1/2 Nut 5/16"UNF
HM3/8" 1/2 Nut 3/8"UNF
HM7/16" 1/2 Nut 7/16"UNF
HM1/2" 1/2 Nut 1/2"UNF
HM9/16" 1/2 Nut 9/16"UNF
HM5/8" 1/2 Nut 5/8"UNF
U1/2" Washers1/2"
U1/4" Washers1/4"
U3/16" Washers 3/16"
U3/8" Washers3/8"
U5/16" Washers5/16"
U5/8" Washers
U7/16" Washers7/16"
U9/16" Washers9/16"
F1/2" Washer spring1/2"
F1/4" Washer spring1/4"
F3/16" Washer spring3/16"
F3/8" Washer spring
F5/16" Washer spring5/16"
F5/8" Washer spring 5/8"
F7/16" Washer spring7/16"
F9/16" Washer spring9/16"
K1/4" Washer reinforcing 1/4"
K3/16" Washer reinforcing 3/16"
K3/8" Washer reinforcing 3/8"
K5/16" Washer reinforcing 5/16"
Z1/2" Washer star 1/2"
Z1/4" Washer star 1/4"
Z3/16" Washer star 3/16"
Z3/8" Washer star 3/8"
Z5/16" Washer star 5/16"
Z7/16" Washer star 7/16"
bolts UNF
S3/16"X1" Bolt 3/16"x1 UNF
S3/16"X1/2" Bolt 3/16"x1/2" UNF
S3/16"X11/2" Bolt 3/16"x11/2" UNF
S3/16"X11/4" Bolt 3/16"x11/4" UNF
S3/16"X3/4" Bolt 3/16"x3/4" UNF
S1/4"X1" Bolt 1/4"x1" UNF
S1/4"X1/2" Bolt 1/4"x1/2" UNF
S1/4"X11/2" Bolt 1/4"x11/2" UNF
S1/4"X11/4" Bolt 1/4"x11/4" UNF
S1/4"X13/4" Bolt S1/4"x13/4" UNF
S1/4"X2" Bolt 1/4"x2" UNF
S1/4"X21/2" Bolt 1/4"x21/2" UNF
S1/4"X3/4" Bolt 1/4"x3/4" UNF
S5/16"X1" Bolt 5/16"x1" UNF
S5/16"X1/2" Bolt 5/16"x1/2" UNF
S5/16"X11/2" Bolt 5/16"x11/2" UNF
S5/16"X11/4" Bolt 5/16"x11/4" UNF
S5/16"X13/4" Bolt 5/16"x13/4" UNF
S5/16"X2" Bolt 5/16"x2" UNF
S5/16"X21/2" Bolt 5/16"x21/2" UNF
S5/16"X21/4" Bolt 5/16"x21/4" UNF
S5/16"X23/4" Bolt 5/16"x23/4" UNF
S5/16"X3" Bolt 5/16"x3" UNF
S5/16"X3/4" Bolt 5/16"x3/4" UNF
S5/16"X31/2" Bolt 5/16"x31/2" UNF
S5/16"X31/4" Bolt 5/16"x31/4" UNF
S3/8"X1" Bolt 3/8"x1" UNF
S3/8"X1/2" Bolt 3/8"x1/2"UNF
S3/8"X11/2" Bolt 3/8"x11/2" UNF
S3/8"X11/4" Bolt 3/8"x11/4" UNF
S3/8"X13/4" Bolt 3/8"x13/4" UNF
S3/8"X2" Bolt 3/8"x2" UNF
S3/8"X21/2" Bolt 3/8"x21/2" UNF
S3/8"X21/4" Bolt 3/8"x21/4" UNF
S3/8"X23/4" Bolt 3/8"x23/4" UNF
S3/8"X3" Bolt 3/8"x3" UNF
S3/8"X3/4" Bolt 3/8"x3/4" UNF
S3/8"X31/2" Bolt 3/8" x 3 1/2" UNF
S3/8"X31/4" Bolt 3/8"x31/4" UNF
S7/16"X1" Bolt 7/16"x1" UNF
S7/16"X11/2" Bolt 7/16"x11/2" UNF
S7/16"X11/4" Bolt 7/16"x11/4" UNF
S7/16"X13/4" Bolt 7/16"x13/4 UNF
S7/16"X2" Bolt 7/16"x2" UNF
S7/16"X21/2" Bolt 7/16"x21/2" UNF
S7/16"X21/4" Bolt 7/16"x21/4" UNF
S7/16"X23/4" Bolt 7/16"x23/4" UNF
S7/16"X3" Bolt 7/16"x3" UNF
S7/16"X31/2" Bolt 7/16"x31/2" UNF
S7/16"X31/4" Bolt 7/16"x31/4" UNF
S7/16"X4" Bolt 7/16"x4" UNF
S1/2"X11/2" Bolt 1/2"x11/2" UNF
S1/2"X13/4" Bolt 1/2"x13/4" UNF
S1/2"X2" Bolt 1/2"x2" UNF
S1/2"X21/2" Bolt 1/2"x21/2" UNF
S1/2"X21/4" Bolt 1/2"x21/4" UNF
S1/2"X23/4" Bolt 1/2"x23/4" UNF
S1/2"X31/4" Bolt 1/2"x31/4" UNF
S1/2"X4" Bolt 1/2"x4" UNF
S9/16"X41/2" Bolt 9/16"x41/2" UNF
S9/16"X41/4" Bolt 9/16"x41/4" UNF
Bolts UNC
S3/16"X1"U Bolt 3/16"x1 UNC
S3/16"X1/2"U Bolt 3/16"x1/2" UNC
S3/16"X11/2"U Bolt 3/16"x11/2" UNC
S3/16"X11/4"U Bolt 3/16"x11/4" UNC
S3/16"X3/4"U Bolt 3/16"x3/4" UNC
S1/4"X1"U Bolt 1/4"x1" UNC
S1/4"X1/2"U Bolt 1/4"x1/2" UNC
S1/4"X11/2"U Bolt 1/4"x11/2" UNC
S1/4"X11/4"U Bolt 1/4"x11/4" UNC
S1/4"X13/4"U Bolt S1/4"x13/4" UNC
S1/4"X2"U Bolt 1/4"x2" UNC
S1/4"X21/2"U Bolt 1/4"x21/2" UNC
S1/4"X3/4"U Bolt 1/4"x3/4" UNC
S5/16"X1"U Bolt 5/16"x1" UNC
S5/16"X1/2"U Bolt 5/16"x1/2" UNC
S5/16"X11/2"U Bolt 5/16"x11/2" UNC
S5/16"X11/4"U Bolt 5/16"x11/4" UNC
S5/16"X13/4"U Bolt 5/16"x13/4" UNC
S5/16"X2"U Bolt 5/16"x2" UNC
S5/16"X21/2"U Bolt 5/16"x21/2" UNC
S5/16"X21/4"U Bolt 5/16"x21/4" UNC
S5/16"X23/4"U Bolt 5/16"x23/4" UNC
S5/16"X3"U Bolt 5/16"x3" UNC
S5/16"X3/4"U Bolt 5/16"x3/4" UNC
S5/16"X31/2"U Bolt 5/16"x31/2" UNC
S5/16"X31/4"U Bolt 5/16"x31/4" UNC
S3/8"X1"U Bolt 3/8"x1" UNC
S3/8"X1/2"U Bolt 3/8"x1/2"UNC
S3/8"X11/2"U Bolt 3/8"x11/2" UNC
S3/8"X11/4"U Bolt 3/8"x11/4" UNC
S3/8"X13/4"U Bolt 3/8"x13/4" UNC
S3/8"X2"U Bolt 3/8"x2" UNC
S3/8"X21/2"U Bolt 3/8"x21/2" UNC
S3/8"X21/4"U Bolt 3/8"x21/4" UNC
S3/8"X23/4"U Bolt 3/8"x23/4" UNC
S3/8"X3"U Bolt 3/8"x3" UNC
S3/8"X3/4"U Bolt 3/8"x3/4" UNC
S3/8"X31/2"U Bolt 3/8" x 3 1/2" UNC
S3/8"X31/4"U Bolt 3/8"x31/4" UNC
S7/16"X1"U Bolt 7/16"x1" UNC
S7/16"X11/2"U Bolt 7/16"x11/2" UNC
S7/16"X11/4"U Bolt 7/16"x11/4" UNC
S7/16"X13/4"U Bolt 7/16"x13/4 UNC
S7/16"X2"U Bolt 7/16"x2" UNC
S7/16"X21/2"U Bolt 7/16"x21/2" UNC
S7/16"X21/4"U Bolt 7/16"x21/4" UNC
S7/16"X23/4"U Bolt 7/16"x23/4" UNC
S7/16"X3"U Bolt 7/16"x3" UNC
S7/16"X31/2"U Bolt 7/16"x31/2" UNC
S7/16"X31/4"U Bolt 7/16"x31/4" UNC
S7/16"X4"U Bolt 7/16"x4" UNC
S1/2"X11/2"U Bolt 1/2"x11/2" UNC
S1/2"X13/4"U Bolt 1/2"x13/4" UNC
S1/2"X2"U Bolt 1/2"x2" UNC
S1/2"X21/2"U Bolt 1/2"x21/2" UNC
S1/2"X21/4"U Bolt 1/2"x21/4" UNC
S1/2"X23/4"U Bolt 1/2"x23/4" UNC
S1/2"X31/4"U Bolt 1/2"x31/4" UNC
S1/2"X4"U Bolt 1/2"x4" UNC
SR1 hexagon palte screw 6,5 x 20 mm
SR2 plate nut for SR1
SR3 binding screw 6,3 x 22
SR4 binding screw 1/4”x1”UNF
SR7 countersunk screw 1/4”x1/2”UNF
SR7-3/4” countersunk screw 1/4”x3/4”UNF
SR7-1 3/4” countersunk screw 1/4”x1 3/4”UNF
SR7-1" countersunk screw 1/4”x1”UNF
SR9 countersunk screw 5/16”x1”UNF
SR10 inbus screw 1/4”x3/4”UNF
SR11 hexagon palte screw 5,5 x 15 mm
SR12 plate nut 5,5 mm for SR11
S3/16"x3/4"SK countersunk screw 3/16”x3/4”
S3/16”x3/4”LK mushroom headed screw 3/16”x3/4”
SR50 split pin 1,5 mm
SR51 split pin 2,5 mm
SR52 split pin 3,2 mm
SR60 copper washer - 1/4” inner diameter