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brake calipers pair rear Fiat 124 - Fiat 125 - Fiat X 1/9

Code: 312111

Paar Bremszangen hinten (NEU) Fiat 124 - Fiat 125 - Fiat X 1/9

Part in the form of exchange. Refundable deposit required at surcharge.*

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brake calipers pair rear

piston 38 mm

Fiat 124 Coupe - Fiat 125 - Fiat 125 S
Fiat 124 Spider up to FGNR 5506003
Fiat X 1/9 1500 five gear version

Orig.N.: 790478 - 790479

*In case of purchasing an item on “exchange part“ based scenario, you must pay a deposit, which will be refunded to you, once you trade in your older part. The deposit is not included in the purchase price of the part. The deposit is at an additional charge. If the older part is not returned within 3 weeks, the deposit will be forfeited. The replaced part must be in a repairable condition. No deposit is to be paid, if the parts are delivered for replacement are delivered before payment.

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